NSN Stock Numbers

NAIC 327910 and 332812
FSC 7220 and 2040
Cage Code # 6YB98

24″x 360″

36″x 360″

48″x 360″

Military and DOD can order using these NSN numbers. We can laser cut to shapes if requested. Silvagrip has been set up by the Navy as a “manufacturer specific” product. The NSN’s are not generic, they apply only to Silvagrip.

Wear Resistant

Only Silvagrip’s® ceramic abrasives are perma-locked into a sophisticated metal alloy substrate.

Longer Life

Silvagrip's® metal matrix lasts many times longer than traditional resin-based non-skids.

Easy Install

Easy to install peel and stick. No special tools and no waiting – surface is ready to use immediately.

Variety of Colors

Variety of Colors

From left to right: 

      • Black, 
      • Navy Gray,
      • USCG Gray,
      • Rust Red (for barges),
      • Green (for Helidecks and Offshore Rigs),
      • Safety Yellow,
      • White, 
      • Silvagrip® without color.
Laser Scanning Deck for Silvagrip Install

Laser Scanning Deck for Silvagrip Install

Hhigh accuracy detailed laser scan survey of deck layout to provide you the best quality from design to fitting. 

Flexible and durable

Flexible and durable

When metal decks contract and expand, the adhesive used in Silvagrip® expands and contracts with the metal decking, thus eliminating the potential of  cracks, chips and delamination you get with traditional epoxy and grit.  

Multiple Styles & Sizes

Multiple Styles & Sizes

Silvagrip® is available in various Alloys using combinations of carbides and oxides of Titanium, Tungsten and Ceramics. It is available in both sheets and rolls. It is lightweight and paintable.

Long Lasting

Long Lasting

Silvagrip® marine nonskid tape has a rockwell hardness of Rc60+ and a high bond strength of 2,500 psi. This alloy is resistant to oils and fuels, unaffected by sun, salt, and weather.

Side by Side Comparison

Silvagrip® Peel & Stick Nonskid Tape

  • Can be applied to any dry clean surface
  • Ready for traffic immediately after installation
  • No special tools required
  • Convenient pre-cut sizes 
  • Eliminates hot and cold work restrictions
  • Uniform surface and clean appearance
  • Reduced maintenance and life cycle costs
  • Eliminates rust bleed-thru 
  • No ventilation requirements for installation
  • Can be maintained, repaired, or replaced while in port or underway

Traditional Epoxy Non Skid Paint

  • Removal is noisy, dirty, and time consuming
  • Speciality tools and expereince needed for required surface prep
  • Primer must dry and remain clean until epoxy is applied
  • Epoxy has a long cure time
  • Narrow limits for temperature and humidity
  • Areas must be secured for days, preventing other work in the area
  • Rework due to someone stepping on the primer or wet nonskid is common
  • Temporary ventilation needed for interior applications
  • No protection to deck from corrosion – can cause accelerated corrosion
  • Significant quantities of hazardous material must be stored
The key advantage of Silvagrip nonskid over epoxy nonskid is that our peel & stick has none of the associated costs and constraints associated with applying traditional epoxy nonskid or removing it.