Safety from slip hazards is a huge problem!  

Safety managers are in a continuous battle to make their employes safe from slip injuries while maintaining a clean area.

    • Melting Salts Will Have No Affect on Silvagrip®   
    • Concrete Applications require Epoxy Paint or a penetrating concrete sealer first

NAICS codes: 332999, 336611, 326299, 327910

FSC codes: 2040, 2090, 7220, 8010, J

Silvagrip qualifies for class A, B and C for
pdfNavy's New Nonskid draft MIL-PRF 32704 (under nonskid).  

Emergency Vehicles: Thresholds,  Ambulance Floors

Airports: Entrances,  Helidecks

Ladders: Smooth Pipe Style Ladders, To Mezzanines or Next Deck Level

Navy Applications: 

  • Patrol Ships
  • Dock Landing Ships
  • Pilot Boats
  • Offshore Supply Ships
  • Utility Work Boats
  • Destroyers
  • Decks
  • Step Rails
  • Docks
  • Gangways
  • Ladders
  • Ramps

USS Mahan   uss oak hill   DestoyerDeckwithSilvagrip