There are 4 steps to ensuring a good application:

  1. Follow the installation instructions (see below).
  2. Be sure you have a clean, dry and smooth surface free of any contaminates.  

    (Clean deck/floor area with Acetone using appropriate safety gear.)

  3. Use a heavy 100 lb. roller. Use body weight as well.


Installation instructions:

All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of any residues.  The smoother the surface the better the adhesion.  Rough or porous surfaces should be painted.

Silvagrip® can be applied on most painted surfaces that are in good condition. The smoother the surface the better.  Silvagrip® will adhere to the painted substrate only as well as the base paint will adhere to the substrate.  Treated or untreated wood must be painted prior to application.  

A rubber hand roller should be used to assure good adhesion when applying Silvagrip®. Ideally a pressure of 40 lbs when rolling down Silvagrip® gives best results.

We suggest an edge sealing compound be used to protect the edges from moisture getting under the non skid and to help protect the edges from peel up due to snags.  

Silvagrip® should not be applied to surfaces that are to be submerged in water or surfaces with continual water flowing over it.  Or, where moisture can seep through the substrate and contact the adhesive.