Navy begins testing Silvagrip on USS Whidbey Island 2013

Navy applies to USS Mahan over three years ago

QMS Paraiso OSV walkways Zakher Marine Int’l courtesy Silvagrip Europe 2016 Abu Dhabi

Houston Pilots apply Silvagrip to three pilot boats 2015

USCG applies Silvagrip June 2016 32′ PTSB. Inspected April 2018 and still in great shape. It has many more years of service.

Naval Architect calls out Silvagrip for Seattle Ferry new build Kitsap Ferry and Oregon State University research vessel new build.

Silvagrip applied to USS Oak Hill March 2017

Navy assigns NSN to Silvagrip April 2017

Sandy Hook Pilots apply Silvagrip to pilot boat March 2017

USS Mahan  orders more Silvagrip with our NSN’s through the GSA by going through the National Customer Service Center. May 2017

Aegis Ashore Missile Defense Complex Romania  installs Silvagrip. This is the first Ashore NATO missile defense. July 2017

Aegis Ashore Missile Defense Complex Romania. No pics allowed

Aegis Ashore Missile Defense Complex Romania. No pics allowed of Silvagrip installation.

Marine News Magazine names Silva Non Skid Solutions one of the top 100 companies for 2017.

October 2017 order for USS Buckely DDG 84

November 2017 orders for USS Laboon DDG 58,  USS Mt Whitney LLC/JCC 20 and USS Squall PC 7

Feb 2018 USS Whirlwind PC 11 orders Silvagrip.

Feb 2018 USS Mt Whitney orders additional Silvagrip

April 2018 USS Whidbey Island orders more Silvagrip

April 2018 USS Lake Erie orders Silvagrip

Next Navy PC to do are USS Tempest, USS Firebolt and USS Thunderbolt.


April 2018 Silvagrip does Taber test, with Navy specifications, with incredible results.

Both samples had just over one half of a percent material loss.

Navy test CoF (measure of surface roughness) of Silvagrip after over 4 years on Navy Destroyer, excellent results.

Aug 2018, Sandy Hook Pilots order Silvagrip for three more pilot boats, Staten Island NY

Aug 2018, USCGC Tahoma a medium range cutter orders Silvagrip for testing.

Sept 2018 USS Kidd DDG100

USS Kearsarge LHD 3

USS Mahan COF Demo Nonskid Areas 01ASUG2018

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