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Silva Non Skid Solutions LLC was founded to serve the needs of  those that needed a longer lasting superior nonskid Surfaces.  Our belief is there’s a huge need for value through long life cycle nonskid.  Our peel and stick,  marine nonskid product, is trademarked Silvagrip ®. It’s not anything like regular peel and stick non skid. Our product is a molten metal based alloy that holds the abrasive particles.

The video, below, shows the vertical landing aircraft F35B, landing on the aluminum ceramic deck coating.  The same surface material Silvagrip uses, but in a patent pending peel and stick.

Continually removing and replacing marine nonskid  paint is expensive.  The removal process for traditonal nonskid is extremely labor intensive as you can see in the video below.  Silvagrip is typically applied in 3′ x 4′ sheets and spacing of one and half inches. With Silvagrip you simply remove and replace the damaged piece.

The picture, below, is a close up of the Navy deck.  It has been colored  Navy Blue.

Silvagrip® has exactly the same long lasting surface but in a peel and stick application, giving you a huge savings in Total Cost of Ownership.


We also offer Silvagrip in various Alloys using combinations of carbides and oxides of Titanium, Tungsten and Ceramics. We offer it in sheets and rolls.


Colors we offer: From left to right, Black, Navy Gray, USCG Gray, Rust Red for barges, Green for Helidecks and Offshore Rigs, Safety Yellow, white and Silvagrip without color.



Silvagrip Peel and Stick is very durable. Here, we twist the tire of a 7,000 lb forklift on the surface and it has no effect to the adhesion to the deck.


Silvagrip remains secure after twisting tire on the surface


Silvagrip Specs – Silvagrip Specs

You can view our Features and Benefits BrochureSilvagrip

Also our distributor’s website Silvagripwest Link and Silvagrip Europe

View our most recent application of Silvagrip from our distributors Silvagrip Europe.  SGE-INSTALLATION REPORT-ZAKHER MARINE-QMS PARAISO-13-01-16

Benefits of Silvagrip Peel & Stick Nonskid Tape

 Can be applied to any dry clean surface

 Can be applied with temperatures as low as 40ºF

 No maximum overcoat window

 Ready for traffic immediately after installation

 No special tools required

 Convenient pre-cut sizes for easier handling, installation, and replacement

 Eliminates hot and cold work restrictions

 Eliminates need for services associated with epoxy nonskid application

 Typical non skid paint weighs 0.623 lbs/sq.ft.  Silvagrip weighs .321 lbs/sq ft.

 Uniform surface and clean appearance

 Reduced maintenance and life cycle costs

 Eliminates rust bleed-thru and provides additional protection to applied area

 Chemical resistant

 Strong adhesive

 No ventilation requirements for installation

 Installation within Ships’ Force capability

 Can be maintained, repaired, or replaced quickly, while in port or underway

Disadvantages of traditional Epoxy Non Skid Paint

 Removal is noisy, dirty, and time consuming

 Ship’s Force has limited experience and tools to achieve required surface prep

 Primer must dry and remain clean until epoxy is applied

 Epoxy has a long cure time

 Narrow limits for temperature and humidity

 Areas must be secured for days, preventing other work in the area

 Rework due to someone stepping on the primer or wet nonskid is common

 Temporary ventilation installed to remove the fumes on interior applications

 No protection to deck from corrosion – can cause accelerated corrosion

 Significant quantities of hazardous material must be stored

The key advantage of P&S nonskid over epoxy nonskid is that is has none of the associated costs and constraints associated with applying traditional epoxy nonskid or removing it.

Silvagrip® was first designed for long-board racers.  The shear forces applied in long-board racing far exceed the normal wear and tear as seen on a standing surface.

Silvagrip® is a blend of “molten/frozen” bonded aluminum/ceramic  metal oxides and ceramics. So flexible it can be wrapped over the edges of the thin skate boards and doesn’t crack.  It doesn’t have the partical release issues of typical nonskid tapes that use resin. By implementing the ceramic into an aluminum alloy,  the particals are held securely.  The rough application method provides very secure traction.

Silvagrip® has many different adhesives.  One is a  closed cell adhesive that provides for a water tight seal against the environmental conditions.  This is mostly used in showers and less abrasive conditions. Another is just as watertight but  handles extreme temperatures and durability.

The Navy has proven the quality of this aluminum ceramic.  The manufacture of this material claims a 50 year life cycle. Because it’s only been in use 10 years the Navy gives them a 10 year life cycle.  Compare that to traditional anti-skid coating, which has a maximum life of about 12 months at best.

Silvagrip® is a product designed for harsh environmental conditions like salt water and is resistance to many chemicals found in the work environment. The anti~skid surface is perfect for the heavy day to day foot traffic found on most work boats and industrial walkways. Some workboats find themselves in harsh seas with steep waves as much as 60 degrees. Their need to safely work in these conditions is what Silvagrip® will provide, giving them traction confidence!  Silvagrip® is the longest lasting nonskid peel and stick tape on the market.  The metal NonSkid was engineered to last.

The applications for safe nonskid surfaces are endless.

Let us help with your nonskid needs!

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