Silvagrip MMC

Silvagrip MMC (Metal Matrix Composite) is designed to disperse heat, much like a Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC).


The MMC is a Silicon Carbide reinforced aluminum ceramic composite. The Silvagrip MMC (SMMC) was developed to allow the F35B fighter jet to verticaly land on a Navy flight deck without warping the steel deck.

It’s been tested at the Navy’s F35B nozzle simulator lab, where 1,400 F blast of heat was applied to the surface. The bottom plate temperature was measured at 106 F.

Our shop testing of SMMC took the test even further. We wanted to see if we could pierce the 3/16″ SMMC with an acetylene torch, with a flame temperature of 6,330 F.

First, we pierced 3/16″ regular steel plate in about 12 seconds.

Then we tried to pierce the SMMC. It would not pierce after one minute and 30 seconds of continued flame. We tried to cut from the top surface and bottom surface.

The top surface burn just melted the paint as seen here.


The bottom surface burn, without Silvagrip applied, only exposed the reinforced Silicon Carbide aluminum ceramic, as seen here.


There are many possible applications with SMMC. It’s 1/3 the weight of steel and equally as strong as steel. Possibilites include for use under a missile blast, hatch covers for the MK41 VLS and other weapon systems within all military branches.


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