Silvagrip Application Inst. Rev K

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0.  Edge Sealer linear coverage.E6800 Edge Sealer Bead Coverage

1.  Silvagrip Marine brochure, inside of brochure – 775 KB silva-brochure-inner

2. Silvagrip Marine brochure, entire brochure – 8 MB  BrochureSilvagrip

3.  Silvagrip Specs

4. BC Ferries Article, about Silvagrip install on Port Authority landing craft – 5 MB – BC-Ferries-Silvagrip-article

5. Silvagrip power point sales tool – 7.15 MB  Presentation1

6. U.S. Navy MIL PRF 24667C – 516 KB (Slvagrip passed extreme testing) MIL-PRF-24667C[1]

7. Sustainable Slip Resistance Test, Sotter Engineering USA – 203 KB  sustained Slip Resistance Test

8. Sustainable Slip Resistance Test, water,  Safe Environments Australia – 243 KB  SafeEnvironmentsSSB

9. Sustainable Slip Resistance Test, oil, Safe Environments Australia – 243 KB  SafeEnvironments2

10. Silvagrip profile listing in Offshore Technology Magazine  click here

11.  Offshore Special Reports Next Generation Non Skid for Offshore Special Reports

12. Resin based vs Metal based non skid peel and stick – Resin-Based-vs-Metal-Based-Peel-and-Stick-Non-Skid

13.  Material Offers Non-Skid Alternative –

14.  Worldwide Offshore Rig Count –

15.  Dollar-Total Cost of Ownership – 77KB UNIT DOLLAR-TOTAL TCO

16.  Euro-Total Cost of Ownership – 77KB UNIT EURO-TOTAL TCO

17.   NPV-Total Cost of Ownership – 75KB NPV-TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP

18.  Silvagrip-Average weight per area – 63KB SILVAGRIP-AVERAGE WEIGHT PER AREA

19.  Unit Dollar Total Cost of Ownership – 77KB UNIT DOLLAR-TOTAL TCO

20.  Unit Euro Total Cost of Ownership – 77KB UNIT EURO-TOTAL TCO

For the next two

The attached workbooks will compute the total cost of ownership comparison based on a variable area, than is an input value. Simply enter the area to be quoted in the orange area in each column, which should be the same amount. It will compute the estimated Total Cost of Ownership for paint, peel & stick and Silvagrip® for the given area.

For the Euro schedule, you can vary both the area and the value of the euro vs. the dollar, since that rate changes daily, and trends as well. To change the currency value, put the new DOLLAR value (the amount of dollars that 1 euro will buy) in the orange box at the top of the form, and the area to be quoted in the same spot as on the dollar form-each column needs to have the value. You can change either or both of them, and it will compute.

21.  TCO Variable Dollar Cost  TCO-VARIABLE DOLLAR COST

22.  TCO Variable Euro Cost click here  TCO-VAR EURO COST

23.  You may want to use this tariff code, it appears there is no duty, 6805-50-1000.

24.  Helideck Certification Helideck Cert

25.  Silvagrip Europe’s Expo Show stand. SHOW-RAMP






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